Product Line

The entirety of The Chandler of Pearls  product line is available through our Strategic Partners.    To arrange for an appointment, call 570.688.8748 or email us at

1.  Stringing
Drop your necklace off at The Chandler of Pearls  Strategic Partners  Facility and have your pearls restrung by a GIA Graduate Pearl certificate holder;  one who has spent time at the GIA Labs learning the pearl trade.  The Chandler of
 uses the highest quality silk thread sized to meet the requirements of your pearls. 

Sadly, the Gudebrod Factory,
onetime manufacturer of THE highest quality silk thread in Pottstown, PA  closed in 2010 after being open since the 1800's.  But now,  
The Chandler of Pearls has Gudebrod Champion Silk Thread in stock!!!  

The Chandler of Pearls  offers  as a value alternative,  Purely Silk Thread TM imported from China. 

There are other manufacturers out there but The Chandler of Pearls  considers Purely Silk Thread TM , second to Gudebrod, be the best.  

And your pearls deserve the best.

2.  Little Ladies First Necklace  

The Little Ladies First Necklace is specially made for that unique daughter or niece or granddaughter.  The necklace consists of three, four or how many you choose saltwater Akoya pearls strung on a gold filled chain.  At any particular time, be it for Valentine's Day, Birthday, Christmas;  all you have to do is return to The Chandler of Pearls  Strategic Partner to have the amount of pearls of your choice strung to the necklace.  Over time, the necklace will grow into a legacy keepsake your entire family will enjoy.

3.  Mollusk to Masterpiece Necklaces and Earrings  
Stop by The Chandler of Pearls  Strategic Partners facility and choose from the on site selection or schedule an appointment with The Chandler of Pearls  at the Strategic Partners facility-- be like Tiffany & Co. and design your own.  Pricing is customized to the one-of-a-kind necklace that you design.  You will be able to choose from a selection of natural colored freshwater Pearls shipped directly from the Freshwater Capital of the World, Zhuji, Mainland China.   As with all products of The Chandler of Pearls,  you will receive the Certificate of Authenticity pledging that what you receive is the

The Masterpiece you design will be strung by hand with the highest quality silk thread.   You may step up to choose to have your pearls necklace strung with the rarest of rare...Gudebrod Champion Silk.  In the alternative, you may choose to have your pearls strung with  Purely Silk Thread TM.  You also have your choice of clasps.  All Clasps are made of 925 Sterling Silver or better--even the French bullion used is 925 Sterling Silver.  You can rest assured that no base metals are ever used on a Chandler of Pearls product.

 The clasps offered are the classic filigree (made of 925 Sterling Silver), the  Lobster Claw (made of 925 Sterling Silver) and the Custom Hook and Eye Clasp (made of Argentium Sterling Silver).

 You are not limited by what you see here.   You can choose whatever you  please--items such as Pandora or Swarovski Crystal spacers-- out of The Chandler of Pearls Special Order Countertop Catalog and design that into your very own Masterpiece.

In this case, you are your own arbiter of taste and style.  What you own will be unique to you.  

Like the ad says, "If Leonardo da Vinci had this service available, Mona Lisa would have been wearing pearls!"

And now, just in....

Swarovski Crystals that you can use as highlights to your Masterpiece.

4.  Golden South Sea Pearls, Black Tahitian Pearls, Akoya Pearls available by Special Order
We are happy to report that we can now offer Golden South Sea, Black Tahitian, and Akoya Pearls via special order.  To be frank, Golden South Sea and Black Tahitian Pearls are expensive (akoya pearls are far less expensive);  the price of the two rather exotic bead nucleated saltwater pearls range from $250 to $6000 per pearl with the sizes ranging from 9 mm to 17mm.  All are of the highest quality and come with a Certificate of Authenticity/Origin

Golden South Sea Pearls

Black Tahitian Pearls (so lustrous that you can see the refection of the person taking the photo)

....and there is more to come.

For one, The Chandler of Pearls will be researching importing jadeite and its various forms so to allow you the latitude of designing for yourself the most unique, customized, one-of-a-kind pearl necklace imaginable. Our aim is to continuously innovate and develop world-class quality offerings and steadily grow to eventually become the leader in the business of pearls. 

So please, stay tuned...

                                                                                        A Mollusk to Masterpiece Original