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The Chandler of Pearls

For the Bride, her wedding is a story for a lifetime; now she can carry on the celebration wearing the very pearls from her Wedding Day with Transitional Bridal Hair Adornments from The Chandler of Pearls.


Wear them as hair accessories one day and have The Chandler of Pearls re-craft them into a bracelet and earrings the next.


Let the ceremony live on!

The Chandler of Pearls is a wholesale and retail purveyor working to support our Strategic Partners, the  independent retailers "only first class in business and that in a first-class way", located in Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and in due time, New Jersey. We specialize in stringing, fresh water pearls and saltwater pearls.

We are guided by the precepts of TQM (Total Quality Management).  Our aim is to continuously innovate and develop world-class quality offerings and steadily grow to eventually become the leader in the business of pearls.  Our every pearl is imported directly from the pearl markets in Hong Kong and Mainland China; we are able to offer our strategic partners, a truly wholesale price.

We have a wide variety of pearls available for our Strategic Partners clients' customized selection. We offer  pearls with plenty of varieties and specifications, including round pearls, button pearls, flat pearls, baroque pearls, semi baroque pearls, etc.

All products come with a Certificate of Authenticity containing the pledge that your purchase of The Chandler of Pearls  product...

  is genuine.

If your product is found to be different than promised,

You can return it to us for a full refund or replacement.

The Chandler of Pearls is a member of the Cultured Pearl Association of america, Inc. and is a Pearls Graduate of the Gemological Institute of America